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A Phosphorus Bomb Landed In Her House

Black clouds of dust spread to cover the skies of the Gaza Strip in the early morning of Saturday 27th of December, 2008. Multiple Israeli war planes started a series of air raids in over than sixty different locations of police stations and compounds as the first day of a 23 days war in Gaza started. Palestinian medical sources in Gaza declared that at least 1300 Palestinians were killed, nearly a third of them children. Sabha Abu Halima’s house was mostly destroyed by fire after it was hit by a phosphorus bomb that landed in her house. Sabha, her son Ali and granddaughter Farah (2), were seriously burnt. The father of the family, Sa’ad Alah Matr Abu Halima, and five of his children were killed.

Take The Long Journey To Remember

In his Shade of Earth series, Kowsari captures the annual pilgrimage that many Iranians make to the Iran–Iraq war frontline. During the war (1980–1988), Iran lost over half a million soldiers and so each year hundreds of thousands of Iranians travel to the fronts to remember the family members they lost. This trip is called ‘Rahian-e Noor’, or Caravan of Light, and is made in during ‘Noruz’, the Iranian New Year holiday in the last week of March. The former battle grounds become a theatre of grief for the mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, wives, friends and families who take the long journey to remember. Kowsari’s moving photographs of the pilgrims contemplating their loss, and the ceremonial processions of flag bearers amongst the barren wasteland of the former warzone, speak volumes about the impact of war on those left behind.