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Their Parents Would Follow Within A Few Weeks

As a multimedia journalist, Marjolein Busstra develops a new and good functioning language in today’s fast changing media environment. She encounters the different ways of telling a story and is deeply mentally engaged. She constructed, step by step her layered story, and she shows a solid control of form.

A New Life As Immigrants In Germany

Immigration and cultural identity are still much and controversially discussed topics in German society. However Maziar found a new and impressive way to approach this subject, creating images free of moralization and judgment. His staged photographs are telling stories of individuals with a migrant background – stories that are obscure and enigmatic, that have to be deciphered by the viewer but are never obvious.

Twenty Thousand Iraqi’s Fled To Turkey

Introduction to Delizia Flaccavento’s photo essay on Iraqi refugees in Turkey: One of the most tragic consequences of the war in Iraq is the mass exodus of Iraqis, which began in 2003 and has continued to the present. According to some estimates, two million Iraqis have fled the country and two million are internally displaced, having moved from the most dangerous areas, such as Baghdad, to the relatively safer North of the country.

Freedom Of Movement In The EU

Romania and Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007. This resulted in several benefits for all parties concerned. Borders were opened and free travel between member states became possible. However, living standards and minority rights are below average in some new member States. As some Romanian gypsies have to endure harsh conditions in their country of origin, they use their right to search for happiness and opportunities in Belgium, only to find themselves in equally degrading circumstances.