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These Contradictory Feelings

As a child I grew up at different rural places of Turkey because my father’s job required us to move often. Each new place meant a new world to me. As a child, It was not hard to adapt to these new locations. Later, I moved to Istanbul for my higher education. My youthful excitement and curiosity replaced my childish enthusiasm and helped me adapt to the big city. Although this adaptation wasn’t as easy as it used to be in my childhood days, I managed to build a new life.

A City, Eclectic As Much As Electric

In her series “Transformer,” Sevim Sancaktar takes close-ups of the wall illusions painted on electrical transformers throughout Istanbul and some surrounding cities. A representation of their time as well as a deformed reflection of urban history, architectural element as much as artistic expression, these images form a social and cultural portrait of the town; A city, eclectic as much as electric, that merges the occidental with the oriental, the classical with the contemporary, thus creating a utopical anachronism. Playing on the deceptive and aesthetic function of her subject, the photographer creates a new illusion by taking away from reality its three-dimensional essence.

All My Life, I Have Been Dreaming About Art

All my life, I have been dreaming about art. I have been following my feelings and trying to do what entices and intrigues me. Somehow I believe I can string along on my luck.
But I also believe the courage to follow what you think is right. Breaking the rules in my conservative family and my cultural surroundings was a duty as much as a person as an artist. In my artwork, for a while, I made untitled and abstract works. Then I later started to take pictures. But photography and painting were not separate for me. I made several series with prints and mixed media. I analyzed my family photos, and it was like rediscovering lost memories.

The Venue Of An Important Part Of My Life

This work uses an objective and detached photographic language about reality to form questions on abstraction. The order of artifacts is re-ordered and an emptied off-season location is further emptied of its overt meanings through photography under artificial light. It was realized through a visual exploration carried out exclusively on Susanoglu Beach. This choice was made because it had been the venue of an important part of my life, and the source of a personal obsession, yet this work has no place for nostalgia.

Widely Accepted As Precious And Untouched

In Pause, the work depicts the juxtaposition of powerful machines which are symbols of advancement and technology against nature which is widely accepted as precious and untouched. The medium of photography provides a visual dichotomy of reality and illusion through the aesthetics of plane and tree and their spatial relationship.

An Instinct Embedded Deep Inside Of Me

I see and I press the button of my camera to take a photograph, and that’s my comment on life, my comment of how I see, of how I perceive things around me. That’s my response to my social surroundings, my environment, my response to the things that effect me. A bridge between life and myself. Like an instinct embedded deep inside of me. As an individual that’s my saying to the world, an answer. It’s a simple and direct way to be closer to myself, to who I am, to what I’m interested in, what I desire and fear, to my vulnerability.

A Map Of Public Life Through Autobiographical Scenes

This series is the second volume of a trilogy whose main aim is to draw a map of public life through autobiographical scenes and which started with Kaza ve Kader (Accident and Destiny). There is “Nothing Surprising” in these pictures. From streets of suburbs afraid to be torn down for the sake of redevelopment to drunken nights at common bars. From the aftermath of the flood that killed 11 people, to bedrooms of Istanbulites, this series is a narrative about the present time in Istanbul. It is a gaze at that which is ‘common,’ hoping to find traces of stories that create and re-create this place.