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Quietness Becomes A Metaphor For Sunnyland

Ted Oonk is fascinated by people who have a physical limitation; they are her principal subjects in the projects she works on. I think she did very well in finding a subject in Orlando, which is so close to her interest. In her video portrait you see, but rather feel, the history of a place where a mental hospital once stood, a hospital that disappeared decades ago.

Where Little Girls Can Get Dressed Up As Princesses

I think that the project of Behrens | de Bruin (Annette Behrens and Suzanne de Bruin) has a lot to do with the medium of photography and film itself. It deals with the question about how we want to be remembered, capture memories so that we do not forget and last but not least about representation.

Their Parents Would Follow Within A Few Weeks

As a multimedia journalist, Marjolein Busstra develops a new and good functioning language in today’s fast changing media environment. She encounters the different ways of telling a story and is deeply mentally engaged. She constructed, step by step her layered story, and she shows a solid control of form.

An Elderly Couple Walked By, Seemingly In A Hurry

Student Work – Overwhelmed By The Quietness

Nature Is To Be Perfect, Like Disney’s Dream World

Student Work Day 3 – Portraits In Motion

I like the way Bob Verbruggen plays with fact and fiction. Is what you are looking at true? A photograph in motion forces one to take in the image more slowly en intensively and that is exactly what Bob did during his stay in Orlando.

Student Work Day 2 – China Is Located In Orlando

Exactly what is it you are looking at when viewing Kevin Rekkers’ photographs? Is it China in Orlando, Orlando in China? It is clear that this is a place where two cultures meet, symbolically. Kevin found a derelict amusement park named “Splendid China,” where visitors could marvel at the wonders of China without having to fly to Beijing. Splendid China closed its doors in 2003. Kevin climbed through a hole in the fence and found a small world invisible to many.

Student Work Day 1/Pt. 2 – Too Many Camera’s

Willem Popelier’s work focuses on photographic representation of identity, using a consistent conceptual approach. With a lot of humor his project proves that one does not always need to operate the camera oneself. The work presented here is all about the photographic medium itself, it’s about proving right the statement ‘I am here’ without having packed your own camera.

Student Work Day 1/Pt. 1 – The Inner Mickey

Joyce van Tienen’s projects focus on our inner worlds and the beauty of ordinary things. She captures poetic images. At Disneyworld, Joyce wanted to portray the people inside the Mickey Mouse costumes, the “Inner Mickey’s.” Unfortunately, Disney did not allow her access to the man-Mickey’s. Having to produce a piece within the designated time, Joyce decided to fantasize about the Inner Mickey’s portraying women – paparazzi-style – that could fit the profile well.