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A Particular Beauty, Fragile And Vulnerable

Juan Antonio Molina Cuesta on Andrés Carretero: “The photographic act could be a means of building an ideal context in which the portrayed individuals do not seem marginal. Finally, an air of abstraction seems to give them a paradoxical normality and a sort of comfortable dignity. Furthermore – and this is no less significant – they reveal a particular beauty, fragile and subtly vulnerable.”

The Space In Which I Make My Camera Click

Mauricio Alejo, who was born in Mexico City and lives and works in New York, records everyday objects that he sets up in absurd arrangements, or more dramatically modifies by cutting, staining or painting them, or submitting them to laws of physics. The actual constructions cannot be experienced directly, but only in the beautifully composed photographs and videos that they gracefully inhabit.

Anonymous Protagonists Of The Revolution

The work presented here is taken from a work in progress which attempts to understand the complexity of Cuba’s recent past through the personal histories and memories of the anonymous protagonists of the revolution – the men who formed part of Castro’s rebel army.

A Metaphor Of Idleness, Ambiguity And Disruption

The work presented here is a series of photographs of abandoned houses in Anahuac, on the north of Mexico. I have lit up the houses at night, as if they were monuments, marking its sculpture characteristics making a theatrical view of the human drama lived there. I analyze through photography their aesthetic categories and their qualities as documents and ruins. In this work I was interested in portraying a disappearing way of life through these images, and how that impacted the use of land. One of the houses was of the sister of my grandfather. The people had to flew to other areas after a drought of several years, that made impossible to keep working the fields

Wonderful Notes Filled With Mystery And Calm

“More than a photographer I consider myself as a lover of the sounds of the nature and in my attempt to shape them as much, in the memory as in the paper, It was how that I found photography; that for me it is the most effective means to transcribe those sounds into images.”

Microcosmos Of Perfection

It has been four years since I have started to photograph this group of nudist men that meet several times each year at Cuernavaca City, located at the south of Mexico City. As an escape from the stress of living in Mexico City these men have made of the house, mostly in the garden area, a temporary weekend oasis destined to contemplation, recreation and purification of their bodies.

To My Lost Daughter – The History Of My Life

There was a fire one day. I was talking to a friend of mine. I said to him “let’s take a photo.” He was in the taxi. It had no windshield, I used to rent the cheapest taxis. The day I took this photo (the first photograph in the slideshow, ed.) I set out to make a photo album to show to my baby girl one day. If I wouldn’t have any money I would simply leave her the history of my life. I used to take landscape photos during my days off. But my wife was pregnant and I knew it would be a girl. She died the day after she was born. It was a Saturday, November 25 of 2006.