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A Friend Who Wholeheartedly Listens To Our Stories

Won Seoung-won dreamed of a wide open, spacious room while idling in a small, eight square meter room. One day she discovers that her friends have the same dream and decides to present a dozen of them with their dream rooms.

Korean Textbooks Are Full Of Didactic Images

Korean textbooks are full of didactic images meant to educate children. But, in reality, for some reason our childhoods were filled with strange and shocking images. And those images somehow appear regularly in our everyday lives and affect us for the rest of our lives. People with strange memories from their childhood and I, a photographer, wore doll masks of the main characters, Chulsoo and Younghee, who appear in these elementary textbooks and we tried to recreate emotional moments from our past.

This Project Began With My Daughter

This project began with my daughter. My six-year-old daughter loves pink. She wants to wear only pink clothes and only own pink toys and objects. My daughter is not unusual. Most other little girls in the United States and South Korea love pink clothing, accessories and toys. This phenomenon seems widespread among various ethnic groups of children regardless of their cultural backgrounds.

In These Images The World Is Essentially “No Place”

The reconsideration Of Things That Fall Into Oblivion

My works aim for the reconsideration of disappearing things that are falling into oblivion, and emphasize the value of trivial things in our everyday life. The memories made by humans lie in between reminiscence and oblivion. They are blended inside the vagueness and illusions of the past. I wish to talk about how ambiguous and abstract a specific event or the past is. The images and texts I reconstruct are my desired illusions of the past as well as an outcome of structuring other’s memories, and a revised world.

Most People Experience ‘Virtual’ Wars – Not Real Ones

War entertainment is filled with elements spurring our senses and eyes rather than denouncing the brutality of war, containing no reflection on or criticism of war. Kim Gyoo-Sik reproduces pla-model generals and soldiers who lost their dignity in hyperrealistic and surrealistic images. By presenting an object’s visual extraordinariness through pla-model images, he offers people an opportunity to realize the hidden violence of wars.

History And Fairy Tales Share A Common Point

Narrating a fairy tale is quite similar to describing history in that it tends to unwittingly infuse a fixed virtue or a formed frame of thought to the readers who experience it. Looking at fairy tales like Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel and Beauty and the Beast, I found there are definite social classes in these stories, and all of them contain tacit messages that the weak should obey the order designed by the strong in order to enjoy happiness. This point corresponds to the historical fact that the powerful western countries intended to strengthen and solidify their regime in the conquered countries by indoctrinating their governing ideology to those whom they ruled.