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Dead Animals With A Sense Of Emotion

There is a long tradition of mounting animals for scientific purposes and as trophies. Natural history museums only have limited exhibition space, a large part of their mounted animals collections are in depots. The contrast between these unnatural surroundings and the animals’ natural habitat could not be greater. I find those places interesting for their surreal atmosphere. I believe that when you look beyond the aesthetics you can see an animal that has accepted its faith. I try to portray these animals with a sense of emotion.

Prison Security Vans Have Small Dark Windows

The prison security vans have small dark windows allowing the occupant to look out, but viewing into the vehicle is not achievable. All the pictures shown are reactions from the remand prisoners to a camera being placed against the window and a flashgun penetrating the darkened window to see the small cabin they are kept in.

Guinea-Bissau, Africa’s First Narco-State

RSS Note: this presentation has been re-posted with the artist’s permission following our migration fromThe Black Snapper to Bite! magazine. Marco Vernaschi’s work with the Pulitzer Center documents the effects of cocaine trafficking in West Africa, showing how criminal networks led by Hezbollah and Al Qaeda destroyed a whole country in just a few years.

During this coverage, Marco spent a considerable amount of time with an African organization of drug traffickers affiliated with Islamist terrorists, documenting their criminal activities, the assassination of the president of Guinea-Bissau and the devastating social effects on local people, including crack addiction and prostitution.