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To Celebrate My Birthday Back In Cape Town

My father worked on numerous construction sites abroad, in particular in South Africa from 1979 till 1985 to build a nuclear power station. I arrived there at the age of five. In this period the regime of Apartheid tried to stay in power by applying a firmer repressive policy. There where ‘whites only’ places everywhere, restriction boards, borders and boundaries. I was there during a historic period, but I only knew about it due to my education and to my schooling in a French school. In daily life, Apartheid was invisible for me.

The Intersection Of post-Apartheid Identities

“Interior Relations” focuses on the intersection of post-Apartheid identities via photographic portraiture of black domestic workers who work in homes owned by white South Africans. Although these domestic workers and their employers remain separated by an enormous gulf in race, culture, education and poverty that characterizes much of South Africa today, they are often wedded by an intensely intimate, personal, and awkward interdependence.

Betrayed By Fellow Africans

True to form and the stereotypes that are at times sadly true, Africa continues to be plagued by ethnic wars, tribal superiority and xenophobia. The latter unleashed itself in South Africa, where many African nationals have fled to, seeking respite from the harsh realities of their countries. South Africa is seen as a flicker of hope for these communities and sadly the promise of hope faded. As the violence broke in May 2008, with the locals attacking foreign nationals in many parts of the country, I decided to focus on the Somali community.

The Demonstration Turned Into A Riot

I’d Like My Photos To Not Trade On Cheap Emotions

‘The World’ is an illusion created by your state of mind. Photography is an incredibly manipulative medium. Photography is all about emotion, but I’d like my photographs to not trade on cheap emotions like lust, angry, pity and greed, like so much advertising, fashion photography and many of the most famous documentary/ fine art photographers in South Africa.