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Cow Camp Idaho, Happiness In Isolation

Cow Camp, Idaho. The closest grocery store is about an hour drive away. You can go for miles and miles in any direction without finding any signs of civilization. At the end of each year, during ’round up’, this place is packed with people who help bring the cattle down to the valley before the frost of winter takes over. It’s August 2009 now and it feels like Cow Camp is the most desolate place in the world. For six months, this is the place that Gene and Josh, two young cowboys, call home.

I Met A Lot Of Pakistani People

One consequence of the one sided way Pakistan is covered in the media is a total collapse of tourism. I wanted to tell a different story. About people living their lives as they always used to. And if you look good enough, there’s this absurdity connected to living in this bizar but intriguing country. Sometime it’s habits and traditions that cause a strange athmosphere, sometimes it’s the situation and sometimes a combination of both. I have used photography to show what I ‘ve seen in this wonderful country, what I think and feel about Pakistan. I met a lot of Pakistani people, they treat strangers like real guests. So, be their guest!

Beyond The Limits Of Portraiture

The people in these images are cycling on a long and straight daily commuter route. Typically, when we cycle we’re disconnected from the world around us: we dream and ponder whilst mechanically driving along a familiar, somewhat mundane path. Submerged into an ‘absorptive mode’, people’s expressions depict themselves in an honest way – unposed, unconcerned and unaware of either the photographer or the camera.

Daily Life in Haiti

I am yet to meet someone who has not been not moved by Haiti’s beautiful landscapes, colorful streets and rich culture. Nor have I met anyone who was not shocked by its poverty. Haiti is full of contrast and complexity. I once heard someone say that “you can spend years in Haiti and still not understand the place.” In 1804 Haiti attracted the world’s attention by becoming the first black republic to declare independence. Today it attracts attention for being the poorest Nation in the Western Hemisphere.

Freedom Of Movement In The EU

Romania and Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007. This resulted in several benefits for all parties concerned. Borders were opened and free travel between member states became possible. However, living standards and minority rights are below average in some new member States. As some Romanian gypsies have to endure harsh conditions in their country of origin, they use their right to search for happiness and opportunities in Belgium, only to find themselves in equally degrading circumstances.

Experiencing A Moment Of Increased Awareness

I started mainly as a documentary photographer. Since then I am shifting slowly towards a more subliminal use of photography: using it as a medium of reflection. Colour, composition and light are very important, as is the slowness of the images of my recent work. Therefore, nowadays I use a medium format camera with negatives. Some people like the silence in my work. Some people say I am making a synthetisation of the German school dead pan photography and a more narrative and especially surreal touch.

Trans Siberian Living Rooms

”I am looking for a place to spend the night. Do you know people who would have a bed, or a couch? I don’t need anything in particular, and I have a sleeping-bag. I prefer not to stay in a hotel, because I don’t have a lot of money and because I want to see the way people live in Russia. Could I stay at your place, perhaps? Thank you very much for your help!” For three periods of one month, I have let the Trans-Siberian train guide me alongside forgotten villages, from living room to living room.