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Patience and Faith by Daichi Koda November 10, 2010

General statement by Daichi Koda

For me photography is the attempt to capture a moment in which I feel the life of another human being. All individual lives have meaning. I dedicate myself to record these respectful lives by photographing them. These photographs will bring diverse points of view to viewers. And they can enrich perspectives and the quality of life.

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Artist Testimonial

After the violence against christian in India

In 2008, in India’s Kandhamal district, Christians have suffered intense violence 
at the hands of radical Hindus. Kandhamal is the poorest region of India.

The poverty seems to be caused by the traditional Hindu caste-hierarchy. 
Many Christians in Kandhamal have converted from Hinduism in order to be liberated
 from caste prejudice and its negative effects.

But then they had to face more hardship due to being christians.

Fortunately, the violence has now stopped. Christians have been re-building new lives little by little.

But the calm is fragile. And people don’t forget their fears easily.

 man said “I feel that we are outsiders here. But it’s not our fault. And it’s not God’s fault either.”

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