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A young drugdealer guards a strategic streetcorner at nightfall in the Favela “Complexo Alemão” in Rio de Janeiro.

Complexo Alemão Favela, Rio de Janeiro, by Sarah Pabst (30/10/2010)

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About this photograph

This picture is the result of getting access to Complexo Alemao Favela in Rio, one of the most dangerous. And it is one of my best shots, because it has all in it – beauty, the brutal everydaylife truth, and something brasilian people have under all cicumstances – joy.
This experience was until now the most risky one in my life being a young woman. I have been working in Latinamerica since some years and this picture was somehow the beginning of something and also to me something I want to go back to. It was a shot in a very weard environment, with the steady presence of drugs and arms, at nightfall, no flash allowed, as it could be seen as gunfire.
Latinamerica’s beauty and people caught me. Anywhere else misery, power, solidarity and hope are so close together. Here I met the most impressive people, the ones that have less and give most. The ones that never give up hope, that fight everyday and that never loose their pride.

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2 Responses to “Complexo Alemão Favela, Rio de Janeiro”
  1. Parabéns.

  2. espectaculo

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Hi Sarah, can you email us more from this series? Email address is in this page’s footer. Thx, diederik

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