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Made In Me by Uroš Abram October 22, 2010

About my work

I’m part of the first generation of photographers who grew up with digital technology. With all this new technology all around me I notice that nowadays everybody is becoming artist. My main concern is creativity. I’m not so much interested in motif or content but on concept and presentation.

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Artist Testimonial

The series was done completely by myself. The starting points are that creativity doesn’t need state of the art photo equipment and Roland Barthes’ thesis that photography is born in the mind, not in the camera.

I placed the camera obscura literally in my head (as Barthes put it), using my mouth to photograph portraits of my friends.

The results have been printed on hand made canvases and frames.

Beside the completely conceptual approach to make photography out of nothing, I hope for the final prints to be impresionistic, expressive and easthethically pleasing. These photographs show that reality is a subjective vision.

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