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What Lies Beneath The Rubble, by Eman Mohammed
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Curator Statement by Margo de Beijer

I was deeply touched by the work presented here today. Eman Mohammed’s series were suggested to me by my friend Dalia Khamissy, who urged me to show Mohammed’s work here on Bite! Knowing that Eman Mohammed (23) lives in Gaza herself, in the midst of the devastation and the rubble she describes and portrays, I admire her braveness for daring to pick up a camera to show us the country of her family which has been struck so violently. By revealing the circumstances in which Mohammed Khader, his wife Ebtesam and their 22 family members find themselves, Eman takes me by the hand and brings me close to their home and her heart. I can almost feel the grown ups of the family struggling to show strength, so that the children and grandchildren can carry on. Khader’s care for his pigeons shows perseverance and hope where none might be left.

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One Response to “Mohammed Cares For His Pigeons”
  1. amazing, powerful work eman. i love how you’ve centred on the relationship between people and their animals – a hugely important facet of life for many – which is rarely shown in war photography. excellent.

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